The Tipping Point for Machine Learning in Agriculture | PrecisionAg

At the PrecisionAg Innovation Series earlier this year, retailers and growers both expressed the need to gather data and the frustration they felt with the lack of services available to refine it into actionable insights.

The precision ag landscape is changing. The number of sensors on machines is increasing. Agricultural and data science experts are working together, leading us to a point where accurate prognostics can be shared with the right person, in response to localized environmental conditions. The investments which industry giants have made to access this data signifies its value. BASF’s acquisition of ZedX, Monsanto/Climate Corp.’s acquisition of HydroBio, and Dupont Pioneer’s acquisition of Granular have all been announced since May of this year. The last of which came with a price tag of $300M. These acquisitions have led to the consolidation of data sources, which further enables accurate prognostication

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