Agriculture at the crossroads – The Western Producer

All fields on Boettcher’s farm are routinely cropped, grazed and fertilized with goats and sheep. | Chris Boettcher photo GUELPH, Ont. — The art of agriculture or, for some, its spiritual essence, should be valued as much as the science, says a farmer from Ontario. “We have to realize everything is interconnected and we cannot live in isolation,” Chris Boettcher told the Guelph Organic Conference Jan. 29. “It may be that we’re entering the second age of enlightenment.” Boettcher and his wife, Gabi, have lived what he describes as two different farming lifestyles. They farmed conventionally in the 1980s, using the recommended crop inputs to grow corn, soybeans, wheat and canola. The Boettchers were successful, but chose another path because of what they feel was an environmental issue for one of their five children. “I realized coincidences are seldom just coincidences.… We jumped into biodyanmics with both feet,” he said

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