Queensland dainty tree frog creates biosecurity scare by landing in Tasmania – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

By Rhiannon Shine Updated about 2 hours ago

Dainty tree frog lands in Tasmania PHOTO: Releasing the dainty tree frog could have endangered local frogs. (Supplied: Linda Emery) MAP: Launceston 7250 A dainty tree frog from Queensland has leaped across Bass Strait to Tasmania inside a packet of bananas, raising serious biosecurity concerns. Launceston woman Linda Emery made the shock discovery after her usual grocery shop at Coles in Kings Meadows. “We purchased the bananas with our groceries yesterday [Friday] at one of our local stores,” she said. “We didn’t unpack the bananas until today [Saturday] and we found a little green tree frog inside the bag. “I said [to the frog] ‘Oh, what are you doing here? You’re meant to be in Queensland!’. “I knew that it was not one of ours [in Tasmania], even though we have got frogs in our garden. “I didn’t really want to go and release him out in the garden because he was completely different.” Ms Emery put the frog in her fridge to “put it to sleep” and alerted biosecurity. Northern Green Tree frog


PHOTO: Efforts have been made to encourage producers to ensure their bananas travel free of frogs. (Supplied: Ann Jones) Local frogs at risk from disease


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