Humus Gardening – Healthy Soils, Hardy People, Happy Planet (Part 2)

Soils, Hardy People, Happy Planet (Part 2) 10 AUGUST 2017 In the first installment of this two-part feature, I discussed the planet-saving rationale behind adopting a humus gardening approach. I also covered the first two of five tips to create a humus-rich wellness tool. Compost and mulching were discussed in depth, but now we will look at several other proven strategies that will ensure more pleasure than pain when growing your own nutrition. Five Tips to Garden for Humus and Health (Continued from last week) 3) Plant a cocktail cover crop The definition of the word “science” in Webster’s dictionary is “adherence to natural laws and principles”. If we are to learn from Nature, we soon recognise that her greatest operating law is that of biodiversity. It turns out that plants love other plants and it really is a case of “the more the merrier”. Multiple species cover crops enable us to introduce biodiversity into our gardens any time we are not cropping our soil

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