Why the environment is better off with beef cattle – Free Range Report

July 7, 2017

Beef producers also want to care for their land, because we only have a limited amount and it keeps shrinking every day, month, and year. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, approximately 85 percent of the land is not suitable for agricultural crops. Grazing animals help ranchers double the land area that can be used to produce goods.

Miranda Skubal

Fort Hays State University


Have you ever been near a cow when she burps? And yes, it is possible for a cow to burp, and it’s quite smelly. When a cow burps she is releasing methane gas from her digestive system, but it’s not as much methane released as environmentalists would have you believe. It is very common for the media to portray reduced beef consumption and production as, in the long run, better for the carbon footprint in the world. I am here to try and shed light on the other side of the story, the rancher’s side.

First, let’s talk about the cow and how its bodily functions. Cattle are sometimes thought of as nature’s recyclers, because of their unique, four-chambered digestive system, known as the rumen, which can utilize products that are undesirable or indigestible for people. The microorganisms in the rumen helps digest nutrients needed from fruits, vegetables, grasses and other feedstuffs that humans don’t consume or can’t digest, says the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. What we think of as leftovers, such as carrot tops or almond hulls, can be mixed into their feed with grasses and grains, like alfalfa, corn, and native grass to be converted to high-quality beef


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