How you define yourself today leader and open mind?

  • A leader needs to be challenged and with that challenge, they grow. Great leaders continually learn, grow and develop. No leadership is static. The true leader needs to have skill, knowledge and be a master of the most important competencies in leadership, thinking.
  • Mastering thinking as leader can be challenging, frankly it is essential and it does play significant role not just for today, but for the future growth as well. Leadership thinking is not a will, it is skill that can be learned, but very difficult to teach. As a leader there is a challenge how to ask right questions, challenge them outside their comfort zone to experience realization that enables them to present their best. Being ready to accept the challenge, prioritize needed, celebrate failure and follow the future actions with reflection. Seeing outside the box as well as continue to grow will help create the true leader.
  • The open mind is the key to the open heart. Play as well as you can. No one is perfect and no one plays their best 100% all the time…It is important to have mind of leader and take what you have at this moment and then if necessary seek out more.

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