Fossil fuels and Australian tools: It’s time to go fully electric – One Step Off The Grid | One Step Off The Grid

At her home in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, Perini has set up a not-for-profit business, Zeromow, which offers landscape gardeners the chance to trial Perini’s own battery powered garden tools – including a fully electric ride-on mower she had shipped from the US – for free. The tools’ batteries are charged by her own rooftop solar system, or another source of green power.

Her belief is that if people could only experience using electric power tools, they would be instantly converted, in the same way Perini herself was converted to electric cars.

“When I first got an electric car, I guess I wanted to walk the talk,” Perini told One Step Off The Grid. “I was trying to make the house more energy efficient. I had solar on the roof. So I bought the Leaf.

“Up to then I had absolutely no interest in cars whatsoever. I saw them as a means to get from A to B. But I hated driving. Hated the whole experience of it.

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