Are more women being employed in the agricultural sector?

Are more women being employed in the agricultural sector?

By Dr Ray Johnson, Managing Director Agricultural Appointments

At the Universities and agricultural colleges offering rural and veterinary courses in Australia, there has been a dramatic change in the gender balance of students over the last 25-30 years. In many instances women now make up the majority of such training courses.

As I have previously written about, there is a major digital revolution underway in Australian agriculture. While other higher education programs such as engineering are still struggling to enroll women in STEM specialties, women are responding favorably in the high-skilled agricultural professions as evidenced by the now roughly equal gender balance. Women are now comfortably using digital technology like smart phones, drones, GPS imaging and complex data analysis software. Increased computerised systems in the food production systems call for specialists in areas like pathology, food science, and wildlife biology and irrigation engineers. And more women are easily taking up these jobs

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