Agricultural land diminishing, statistics show

At podium, Michael Graham speaks while Nelson Perea observes.

The Puerto Rico Techno Economic Corridor Inc. (PRTEC) has announced a new public private partnership initiative and the creation of a business incubator for young farmers and agricultural science students in Isabela, the Finca Explora Program: Agribusiness Incubator and Processing Center.

One of its partners is the Monsanto Company, whose contribution will consist of 120 acres of land and buildings with an estimated value of $1 million, located in their former Isabela Research Station, as well as providing technical consulting to ensure the program’s success, executives said Thursday.

“We have a strong bond with the municipality of Isabela, because we had our operations there for three decades and created a solid relationship with our community,” said Mike Graham, Global Breeding Lead for Monsanto Company. “Therefore, we wanted to leave a legacy and establish a structure where we could continue transferring our knowledge in technology and innovation

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