How Australia is helping Nepalese people rebuild after devastating 2015 earthquake – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Photo of cleared plantation held in front of flourishing land to comparePHOTO: Australia helped establish plantations more than 40 years ago in response to severe soil erosion caused by unregulated land clearing. (Supplied: ACIAR/Conor Ashleigh)

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MAP: Nepal

Australia’s oldest agricultural aid program is helping to speed up the recovery effort in Nepal from the devastating 2015 earthquake that killed 8,000 people and caused $10 billion in damage.

In the Himalayan country’s mid-hills region, some villages lost 80 per cent of homes, and plantation forests established by Australia and other aid donors more than 40 years ago have been crucial to the reconstruction effort.

Initially, community-owned forests were harvested to provide low-cost timber for temporary housing and now it’s being used for more permanent structures

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