My Introverted Brain Takes Longer to Process Things, and That’s Okay introvert brain process

You know that student in class who only makes a comment every now and then, but when she speaks, the rest of the room falls into a thoughtful silence? I’m that student. My name is Bria, and I’m an introvert. It’s hard for me to respond quickly, but I’m a master at peeling back the layers of an idea until I understand it completely. That’s why I’m also the girl other students come to when they’re having a hard time understanding things. I love being the go-to girl, but this wasn’t always my reality.

In my first year of college, I had a hard time making friends or even talking in class. It’s not because I’m shy, or because people scare me. It’s because my thoughts wander along their own path, and it takes some time to reach the end of that path. Introvert personalities are not slow, shy, reserved, or incapable of being social. We just may take a little longer to arrive at a conclusion than others.

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