Melbourne Sikh family challenge ‘inclusive’ Christian school’s ban on boy’s turban – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Sidhak Arora  wears a patka, a youth version of a turban.PHOTO: The college is accused of refusing to enrol the boy in prep because he wears a turban. (Supplied)

MAP: Melbourne 3000

A Melbourne family has launched legal action against a Christian school for banning their son from wearing his traditional Sikh patka, a turban worn by children.

Sidhak Singh Arora, 5, was due to start prep at Melton Christian College, in Melbourne’s north-west, this year.

But his patka does not comply with the school’s uniform policy which prohibits students from wearing any type of religious head covering.

Sagardeep Singh Arora looks at the camera.PHOTO: Sagardeep Singh Arora believes his son should be allowed to wear their article of faith. (Supplied)

His family have taken their fight to VCAT, claiming the school had breached the state’s Equal Opportunity Act by discriminating against their son on religious grounds.

Outside court, the boy’s father Sagardeep Singh Arora said he was surprised the school would not make an exemption for his son.

“I was very surprised in an advanced country like Australia, they are still not allowing us to wear patka in the school,” he said.

“On the basis of that they are not giving enrolment in the school.

“I believe students should be allowed to practice their religion and should be allowed to wear their article of faith.”

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