Farmers of the future, unite – GetFarming


Farmers of the future, unite

With job vacancies now outnumbering applicants in some sectors, agricultural graduates are in the box seat, and there’s no better place for students to explore the range of possibilities than at 2017’s UNE Farming Futures event.

Dr Janelle Wilkes, course coordinator of agriculture at UNE, said careers in agriculture are now more diverse than ever. Her recent survey of UNE agricultural graduates revealed that not only were 97 per cent employed; they were in agribusiness, agronomy, education, animal nutrition and research roles.

“There is growing appreciation of agricultural degrees and the transferable skills that our UNE graduates develop,” Dr Wilkes said.

“Our graduates have practical skills making them work ready, with many going on to further study to enhance their employment prospects. Over half of all agricultural students at UNE are now female, challenging traditional stereotypes. And according to Dr Emma Doyle, Lecturer in the School of Environmental and Rural Science, gender barriers have been broken down

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