Biostimulants World Congress

Don’t miss the World’s Largest Event on Agricultural Biostimulants!



Agricultural Biostimulants include diverse formulations of compounds, substances and other products that are applied to plants or soils to regulate and enhance the crop’s physiological processes, thus making them more efficient. Biostimulants act on plant physiology through different pathways to improve crop vigour, yields, quality and post-harvest shelf life/conservation.

The 3rd Biostimulants World Congress is an international scientific and technical congress to review the latest knowledge on these products, which are increasingly used in crop production around the world.

A panel of prestigious international speakers will discuss:

  • Biostimulants effects on plant growth and soil fertility

  • Nutrient uptake

  • Yield

  • Crop quality

  • Crop tolerance to environmental stresses

  • Research that focuses on the molecular or physiological mode of action of biostimulants

  • Research that provides insight into plant signalling pathways and physiological processes relevant to biostimulants

  • Legislation and registration procedures on these products in the main markets around the globe.

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