“The End of the American Experiment”

“A society that cannot create sane, humane, civilized people can therefore no more reasonably stay a democracy than a global economy can be powered by fossil fuels forever”
Comment: True Shaun. I guess the reality is the more of those present in society the better the chances. I read that neo-liberals like to emphasise the worst in western society. I am much more optimistic than they are but you do begin to wonder when you see the way things are going at the moment. Again, the optimist in me says that we are a resilient, innovative group that always manages to find the best way forward in the end. Read the article below. It is a a good expose on how Trumps America came to be and is a little more than” chilling”.
How Trump Is Transforming Rural America | The New Yorker

“The End of the American Experiment” @umairh https://medium.com/bad-words/the-end-of-the-american-experiment-9bc855ad0cc2

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