Women in Governance

Another fantastic Women in Governance Luncheon from the Governance Institute of Australia hearing Tracy Vieira (CEO of Screen QLD) discussing the enormous challenge to the film & screen industry; gender diversity. Women are hugely under represented and they are consistently paid substantially less than their male co-actors of equal skill, experience & recognition (quality & quantity of awards won).

The “Sony hacks” revealed the extent of the imbalance, e.g. Charlize Theron was contracted for $10MUSD less than Chris Hemsworth in The Huntsman. The hacks created the opportunity to renegotiate salaries to equal levels.

The Gena Davis Institute on Gender in Media https://seejane.org/ have proven a direct correlation in the gender of the writer to how gender is portrayed on the screen. Not only are there less women in leading roles but their roles are of lesser substance.

So, what can we do? Proactively look for films with female writers, go & see these films, let your dollars do the talking. It’s not just gender diversity, Screen QLD are actively promoting Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islanders to develop & show their skills in front & behind the camera.

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