Biotoilet and Biodigester – Organica Biotech

The answer to putting a stop to unsanitary habits, like open defecation, lies in composting toilets known as Biotoilets, with a Biodigesterand Bioclean BD, a microbial blend. Globally, sanitation and hygiene remain heavily compromised, especially in third world countries. Lack of functioning toilets as well as less number of toilets overall, have led to open defecation and diseases, including cholera, diarrhea and polio. It’s also a threat to people’s safety, dignity and privacy.

Bioclean Biotoilet is an eco-friendly toilet by Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd, a top 20 Environment Biotech company. The biotoilet is equipped with a superstructure and a Biodigester tank.

Biotoilets not only provide a closed space to people but also provide an apt on-site facility for the treatment and disposal of human fecal matter, and can be carried from one place to another- portable composting toilet.

Now, how do these composting toilets, or biotoilets, work?

Biodigester tank is fed with Bioclean BD.

Biodigester technology quintessentially consists of a microbial culture, Bioclean BD, which comprises of a consortium of beneficial microbial strains. These microbes can effectively degrade complex organic matter in to simpler forms under anaerobic conditions, within a very short span of time

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