Lake Bioremediation – Organica Biotech

Salient Features:-

  • An effective natural way to maintain the cleanliness of ponds and lakes

  • Eliminates pond scum and algae

  • Helps to eliminate foul odours

  • Helps in lake/pond deepening

  • Restores the balance of aquatic ecosystems.(TDS)

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Ponds and lakes provide a holistic niche supporting fragile ecosystems. These invaluable water resources confer an aesthetic appeal to the neighborhood. Influx of various intricate pollutants containing organic compounds, nitrates and phosphates, adversely impact the water quality of these water bodies. This has antagonistically impacted the health and well-being of aquatic animals. Escalated concentrations of these pollutants provide an impetus for the growth and proliferation of algae and undesirable weeds, which can lead to eutrophication of lakes and ponds. Algal growth perturbs the dissolved oxygen levels in water bodies and interfere with penetration of light. Consecutively, the growth of aquatic organisms is deterred. Incomplete degradation of organic matter leads to the production of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. These compounds contribute to offensive stench

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