FAO – News Article: New guidelines help member states achieve their climate pledges

FAO charts a path for the agricultural sector to contribute to adaptation, mitigation and the SDGs

Photo: ©FAO

Tending paddy fields in Laos.

12 May 2017, Rome– Now that the Paris Climate Accord has been agreed, national strategies to achieve pledged carbon mitigation and adaptation plans take center stage.

FAO has developed supplementary guidelines to theUNFCCC NAP Guidelines for “Addressing Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in National Adaptation Plans (NAP-Ag Guidelines”) aiming to support developing countries in making sure agriculture is both included in national adaptation plans and made more adaptive and resilient. They serve to help vulnerable countries access funding – in particular from the Green Climate Fund Readiness Programme – while at the same time promoting broad participation in the decision-making process and building needed technical capacities.

Appropriate choices depend on specific context and accommodation of the views and needs of multiple stakeholders. That’s no simple task. For instance, Lake Faguibine in northern Mali has been mostly dry since the mid-1970s, offering a test case for ecological, political and social changes driven by climate change.


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