CSIRO receives deep learning supercomputer from Dell EMC | ZDNet

CSIRO receives deep learning supercomputer from Dell EMC

With a budget of AU$4 million, Australia’s research organisation signed Dell EMC to build its new artificial intelligence-focused scientific computing system, Bracewell.

By  | July 18, 2017 — 02:01 GMT (19:01 PDT) | Topic: Big Data Analytics

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has welcomed a new supercomputer to its Canberra campus, with Dell EMC sending the new Bracewell system live earlier this month.

The new large-scale scientific computing system is expected to expand CSIRO’s capability in deep learning, further its artificial intelligence (AI) progress, and allow for the exploration of virtual screening for therapeutic treatments, traffic and logistics optimisation, modelling of new material structures and compositions, machine learning for image recognition, and pattern analysis.

One of the first research teams to benefit from the new processing power will be Data61’s Computer Vision group, which develops software for a bionic vision solution that aims to restore sight for those with profound vision loss


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