Aphids in Saskatchewan crops | Crop Production News 2016 Issue 5 | Government of Saskatchewan

By Scott Hartley, PAg, Provincial Specialist, Insect/Vertebrate Pest Management

Aphids are starting to be reported, primarily in lentil. In most cases, they have been noted as part of regular field scouting and numbers were not at economic threshold levels. However, humid conditions are good for development of aphid infestations.

The English grain aphid. Though they’re 
normally green, last year there was a 
high presence of the rare red morph.

It is often pea and lentil where aphids can be a problem. However, in canaryseed, aphids are almost an annual occurrence in July. In 2015 there were also widespread reports of the orange or red morph of the normally green English grain aphid in wheat. 

Being soft-bodied, aphids are very sensitive to physical disturbance. A heavy rain or severe wind can dislodge aphids and reduce their numbers in a crop. Regular monitoring is essential in identifying changes in population densities.

Since aphids suck plant sap, the sap has to be actively flowing for the purpose of filling seeds. If seed filling is complete and the crop ceases to be lush and actively growing, the next generation of aphids may emerge in a winged form and migrate to other greener crops


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