How to turn waste into gold — The Circular Economy – Gloria Figaroa – Medium

Back in the old days when alchemists tried to turn Lead into Gold.

Imagine an economy where waste does not exist…

An economy where resources do not lose value after being used…
This is an economy where waste is used as a resource — our new gold. 👑

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, this idealistic fantasy has a name: the circular economy.

The circular economy represents an economy that looks beyond the ‘’take, make and dispose’’ extractive linear economy we’re finding ourselves in now.

What we would perceive as waste nowadays, would be seen and used as a resource in the circular economy. The aim is to stop products, materials and resources from losing value at any stage of the Supply Chain — always keeping them at their highest value and applicability.

The perfect loop — The Circular Economy in practice

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