The Most Transparent…and Scariest Letter I’ve Ever Written

The Most Transparent…and Scariest Letter I’ve Ever Written

Comment: This post breaks many of our so called “social rules” (don’t show weakness, vulnerably, susceptibility, ask for help etc – you know the ones) BUT it is so honest and transparent that it needs to be acknowledged and acted on if possible. If more people opened up like this the world would be a better place. Here is an extract: 

“Yet in spite of this, I’m in serious trouble.

I’ve only taken three months salary and am keeping afloat with my personal credit cards and savings account. I’ve done everything to make this work, including working a graveyard shift at an Amazon Prime distribution facility. As of September, I will have to sell my house and pull my kids out of daycare.

I’m not looking for a handout. I just want to work. I love my work. I am a technology enthusiast. I have deep knowledge of the newest technologies and love figuring out how to connect those technologies together in order to achieve a business result. I know and have proven time and time again that I bring value to the table. I am reaching out to my network for one of three opportunities:

  1. Hire me full-time to help you build, automate or manage your entire technology stack. Please feel free to email me – or text/phone me 404.225.1842 ( an example of my work: this number is tracking attribution, being tagged and routed to myself and my team…very powerful for sales or marketing teams).
  2. Book me for an initial consultation to build, automate or manage your marketing technology stack. After 45 minutes with me, I will be able to tell you what is or isn’t working and make the exact recommendations about what you should be doing. You can learn more about the call and book me here:
  3. If you can’t help directly, please “Like” this post and share it with your network(s) in any way that you see fit.

Stay well,

Christien Louviere”

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