Inbound Trap

Inbound Trap

They’re the best! They roll in through the internet ether and arrive right in your email box. They are sure to put a smile on your face pretty much every single time. They’ll also put the pep in the step of the lucky Account Executive who was waiting for something to happen. Of course, I’m talking about the infamous Inbound Leads. Whether it was your company’s marketing efforts or good old fashioned word of mouth, it doesn’t matter.  Many organizations have become so good at creating inbound leads that they’ve completely abandoned outbound sales altogether. That could be a big mistake; here are 2 and half reasons why:

1.      Inbound Leads – Your new customer chooses you. Yeah, it was your marketing that attracted the inbound lead in the first place, but you really didn’t have any control over the type of customer that you just acquired.  Maybe your company isn’t the best fit for them or maybe they don’t like to pay their bills. In the long run, there could be a lot of different reasons why this wasn’t a good client acquisition. When a significant number of your clients fall into this category that could eventually affect both growth and profitability.

2.      Inbound Leads – Your relationship is generally at a bad level. That’s right, when they called you up to let you know that they were already considering using your company; it probably wasn’t a Vice President or the CEO calling, it was likely a manager or maybe even lower. The person that reached out to your company is most likely your main contact.  If push comes to shove they may be the only person you’re dealing with and that could be a problem.  

     ½. What works great today, may not work well tomorrow. Inbound leads may continue to flow like beer in Wisconsin but any experienced marketer will tell you that things usually don’t stay the same. As industries mature the worst case scenario is that the inbound leads will change in both quantity and quality. Maybe not though, that’s why it’s only a 1/2 reason.

Matt Wanty is a Sales Communication Consultant and the author of ‘The Lost Art of Cold Calling’, a sales training book written to help today’s sales people succeed on cold calls. More at, #sales #outbound #inbound

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