The Best Way to Manage Your Social Anxiety Is to Accept It — Science of Us

Anyone who’s experienced social anxiety has been told “calm down, it’ll be fine” thousands of times over, and has probably tried saying it twice that many times to themselves. Has it ever worked even once? No! Not one time. Never. However badly we might want to believe that anxiety can be rationalized away, some research suggests the best way to combat anxiety might instead be to just … accept it.

As part of a study on social anxiety, spotted by Psychology Today,Meagan MacKenzie, a psychology professor at Ryerson University in Toronto, established an eight-item scale which can be used to assess someone’s social anxiety, but which also measures how that person responds to their social anxiety. Respondents are asked to rate the accuracy of the following statements, as applied to themselves, between 1 (never true) and 7 (always true):

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