Measuring research impact: Part 1 – What hat are you wearing? – NFMRINFMRI

18th May 2017

I started writing this post to provoke a conversation and scratch the surface on an important issue.  There are many differing points of view and most are valid, and less valid at the same time depending on the lens you are looking through.

Measuring impact from research requires a more sophisticated or complex conversation than some may think.  It is not simply a matter of deciding on a few relevant metrics and analysing outcomes after the research has been completed.

When developing a strategy to achieve a mission or fulfil a purpose, measuring success should be front and centre.  It will help you ask the right questions and select the right projects or activities.  You should also consider why you are measuring and how you will use the data.

Importantly, it is also worth considering other key stakeholders, what they are measuring and why.  You should also consider the impact of what you are measuring and needs of researchers.

Key stakeholders include;

  • Researchers
  • Research institutions and universities (employers of the researchers)
  • Government (policy makers and funders of researchers and their institutions)
  • Other funders of research (such as philanthropy and industry)
  • The wider community

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