Watch “InsideSuccess Ep 1- Featuring Matthew Tukaki” on YouTube

Published on Jun 13, 2017

Episode One of Inside Success

Inside Success is a Web Series where we curated an idea to sit down and have a chat with Successful Entrepreneurs, Disruptions and Thinkers and Innovators and sit down with them generally enjoying a meal they enjoy or doing something they enjoy and understand, allow them to tell their story and find out what is it that “makes them tick”, understand their primary motivators and drivers in their journey and most importantly allow them to impart some of the wisdom onto others and value to the audience. v

Today we have Matthew Matthew Tukaki is a New Zealand-born Australian businessman. Tukaki is best known as the former Head of Drake International (Australia),[1] one of the world’s oldest employment companies and latterly as the founder of Entrehub, formally Co-Founder of the Sustain Group, formerly a Director of the Board of Australia’s Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and a current member of Australia’s peak mental health body, Suicide Prevention Australia. He was previously Chair of Deakin Universities Centre for Social and Responsible Organisations, Chair of the International Advisory Board of the joint initiative between the United States National Science Foundation and the University of Sydney (BESERG). He is an author of more than ten eBooks ranging from social media engagement, sustainability and entrepreneurship to raising capital and crowd funding. In 2014 Tukaki was appointed a member of the World Class New Zealand Network that seeks to promote New Zealand, its business and its culture around the world. In 2015 Tukaki was appointed as Chairman of Australia’s National Coalition for Suicide Prevention and has been a Non-Executive Director of the Board of that countries peak mental health body, Suicide Prevention Australia. Tukaki remains a member of a number of private and public sector boards.

These days. Matthews wisdom can can also be found as he hosts the “Talking Lifestyle” Radio Segment on 954AM @ 3pm weekdays and evenings at 9PM which he talks about current modern issues and ideas that matter

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