Worms at Work: Going Behind the Scenes at Worm Power – Superintendent

Worms at Work

You’ve heard of hog heaven. Well, this is worm heaven.

It’s where worms go to feed on the finest compost. The worms eat and breed, eat and breed, eat and breed and … you get the picture.

Where is worm heaven? On a rural piece of property in Avon, New York, about 30 minutes south of Rochester. There, inside three long, rectangular buildings that each contain three 50-yard-long steel bins filled with cow-composed compost, the worms — about 40 million of them — are going to town.

No, they aren’t being fattened up for fishing bait. But, yes, the worms are doing plenty for modern society by creating a vermicompost to help grow healthier and more abundant crops, in addition to helping golf course superintendents maintain healthier turfgrass


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