Urban Farms Grow More Than Just Good Food | HuffPost

Published on Clean Plates

By Sarah McColl

Across the country, urban agriculture has taken root in neglected neighborhoods where abandoned lots were once more likely to sprout tires and trash piles than compost heaps. Between the bean rows, these grassroots urban farms are sprouting solutions of food security and social justice.

“The act of cultivating crops, along with the community activities that take place within these spaces, can make a difference by giving people greater control over the food system and by demonstrating how political, economic, and social patterns that perpetuate inequality can be weeded out,” wrote Nevin Cohen and Kristin Reynolds, authors of 2016’s Beyond the Kale: Urban Agriculture and Social Justice Activism in New York City.

“Bringing these patterns to the surface is one of the most important contributions urban agriculture can make to improving the food system—not only for locavores, but for all those who need to eat.”

From small plots to full-blow urban farms, here are some of our favorite urban agriculture projects working to nurture healthy communities


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