Monsanto’s Glyphosate Linked to the Death of Our Oceans and Coral Reefs – Waking Times

Attn: Barrier Reef researchers:

Has anyone done this work  on the Great Barrier Reef or on other reefs in the region? I have an open mind on this but it is becoming much harder to maintain as resistance grows against glyphosate. As I undestand it, the active is deactivated by clay particles. Thus the product works as recommended on any soils containing clay particles i.e. most soils. The problem of active getting into groundwater and major water sources arises when glyphosate is used on lighter soils or sandy soils containing very little or no clay particles. In a broadacre sense,  it is difficult to determine the soil makeup of a paddock, often they are variable and have some very light areas. The other issue is glyphosate getting directly into water, which is also clean of clay particles.

Thus it is not hard to see that active could be making its way into water systems and ultimately the sea. 

The next question is how toxic is the active, in a very diluted form to humans, animals and other organisms including those making up and inhabiting coral reefs?

I am reluctant to enter this very divisive and toxic debate, in general, but the article below prompted me to wonder what knowledge we have about glyphosate and its affect on our coral reefs.

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