Why Ending a Text With a Period Is So Awful — Science of Us


Photo: Jed Egan

Most people with two thumbs and a heart know that there is a right way to end a text, and there is a wrong way. Done typing all the letters you need to type? Cool, now hit send. Maybe add a question mark first if the situation calls for one, or ellipses if you want to spice things up. Just, for the love of God, do not type out a period, go-to punctuation mark of jerks everywhere.

If you must, do it with the knowledge that you’re likely coming off as angry and insincere, a perception long held by most of your fellow texters and finally backed up by research earlier this year. The angry part seems somewhat intuitive — periods can convey finality in a pissy, “I’m done with this conversation” kind of way — but insincerity feels a little harder to grasp. If anything, it almost seems like the opposite: A period is deliberate in a way that the punctuation-less trail-off is not


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