Urban Farming Won’t Save Us From Climate Change – Bloomberg

Note: Community gardens have many positive benefits and every little bit helps but this is asking way too much of them. It is a bridge too far!!!

Community gardens serve many purposes. Slowing climate change isn’t one of them.

2017 M06 21 23:46 GMT+10


In places such as New York and Boston, the appeal of the self-sustaining rooftop farm is irresistible. If only enough unused space were converted to fertile fields, the thinking goes, local kale and spinach for the masses could be a reality, even in the most crowded neighborhoods.

Proponents claim that city vegetable gardens are a solution to nearly every urban woe, providing access to healthy foods in neighborhoods that lack it, as well as economic stimulation, community engagement, and significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. But a new study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology says that in colder climates such as the Northeast’s, the emissions reductions are minimal.  

“Urban farming advocates tend to focus on the distance from farm to fork, equating local food with environmentally sustainable food, oversimplifying the complexity of food sustainability to a single aspect,” the researchers write. In reality, the carbon reductions made possible by urban farming are much smaller than many had assumed. In the best case scenario, urban farming would only reduce a Northeastern’s city’s food-related carbon footprint by 2.9 percent, the study found.

The study’s authors used Boston to prove their point. 


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