Mixed media: how Australia’s newspapers became locked in a war of left versus right

Denis Muller, University of Melbourne

News Corp on the right, Fairfax on the left. This division has a long history in Australia, to the detriment of quality journalism and public debate.

Comment: Wow! Finally the light bulb comes on! Our main media participants have become a part of the oligarchical monster created by left and right and the dreaded two party system! Common sense and logic have been buried by this oligarchy. Australian society is currently governed by policies, right or wrong or in between dictated by the ruling parties which are aligned left or right to varying degrees defined by their factions or informally aligned smaller parties. This dictates legislative decisions. Thus these decions are left or right enacted. Thus right, wrong, common sense, logical, best suited to the needs of society as morally, socially and correct characteristics of legislation are overwhelmed by the policies of the left or the right enacted to suit their agendas. Cynical but true! So what do we do to correct this from the media perspective. How about returning to the old school concept of the media being independent and impartial analysing issues in a balanced manner!!!


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