Honey to treat skin infections in remote communities | NITV

  • Interest in honey’s antibacterial properties is growing. (AAP)

  • Interest in honey's antibacterial properties is growing.

  • Interest in honey's antibacterial properties is growing.

  • Interest in honey's antibacterial properties is growing.

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Indigenous Australians suffer disproportionately higher rates of skin infections than non-Indigenous populations and honey is an ideal treatment in remote communities because it does not require refrigeration and does not go off.


Amanda Copp


9 JUN 2017 – 9:38 AM  UPDATED 9 JUN 2017 – 9:47 AM



Indigenous people are hospitalised for skin related diseases at double the rate of the non-Indigenous population, according to statistics from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

But research from the University of Technology Sydney suggests using antibacterial honey, like Manuka honey, for wound care in remote Indigenous communities could improve this statistic.

Researcher, Daniel Bouzo, said honey’s properties make it ideal for use in remote Indigenous communities.

“Overall, I use medical h


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