The real reason why you don’t achieve your goals

Setting goals can be a tricky business. How many times have you started the week saying “I want to lose five kilos” and then found yourself washing down a whole pizza with a bottle of wine by Friday night? (I’m speaking from experience here). 

While most of us have a long list of things we want to accomplish, the hard part is taking action and making the goal come to fruition. Most of us will tend to blame ourselves for not following through with our goals using justifications like “I’m not very motivated,” “I’m lazy,” or “I’m not very committed.”

Generally though, those aren’t the reasons why we don’t follow through and achieve our goals. The real reason why we don’t achieve our goals is that we’re great at coming up with them, we’re just not so great at following a strategy that allows us to achieve them.

Until now! Read on if you’d like to know how to create and plan your goals to ensure you achieve success. Not only will I show you what to do but I’ll also tell you why it’s important and, more importantly, how it will help you to successfully achieve your goals in the future

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