Fight for GMOs hits the big screen in ‘Food Evolution’ – Real Agriculture

It’s very difficult for scientists to “win against activists because scientists are constrained by evidence, constrained by the truth. You just can’t make stuff up as you go along,” says Mark Lynas.

Lynas, a former anti-GMO activist who now considers the technology as a tool that can help protect the environment, also stars in the film. In this interview he describes the film as an attempt to rebalance the GMO food debate.

He says the film does a good job of pointing out that there is as much scientific consensus on the safety of GMO food as there is to support climate change, but GMO safety gets much less traction. The film also points out, he says, the injustices put upon farmers in poorer countries who are denied better seed and tools to give them a better chance to feed their families.

In many ways the film is an indictment of science, specifically the inability of scientists to effectively counter the efforts of fear entrepreneurs such as Dr. Oz, the Food Babe and the Institute for Responsible Technology’s Jeffrey Smith.


Source: Fight for GMOs hits the big screen in ‘Food Evolution’ – Real Agriculture

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