Hyperspectral imaging reinvented

mall differences in the content of light, far more subtle than what we can perceive as different colours, carry valuable information about the health status of vegetation. Hyperspectral imaging reveals this by splitting light into a large number of spectral components. Remote sensing applications use this spectral data to derive accurate information of even minor changes in the state of vegetation, water or other objects.

With compact hyperspectral cameras, vegetation can be monitored from multiple platforms, including small drones and satellites. VITO Remote Sensing wants to make the extraction of accurate information at high update rates more accessible, to support precision agriculture, environmental and vegetation monitoring.


Small drones have made high resolution local monitoring accessible. By equipping them with miniature hyperspectral imagers, their potential can be increased. But for that, new technologies are needed. A particularly well-suited technology is based on thin film interference filters (or linear variable filters – LVF) which can be deposited directly onto imaging sensors.  This creates a very compact design which can be produced in a cost effective way. Fundamentally different from traditional hyperspectral imagers, such imagers allow to acquire 2-dimensional images by sensing different parts of the spectrum at different pixel locations. Developed by our partner imec, the Belgian research and innovation center in nano-electronics and digital technology, VITO Remote Sensing has been involved in optimising this technology for remote sensing requirements


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