Southwest Saskatchewan Farmer Fights Fusarium without Fungicide

Humic substances have many benefits beyond just what is listed on product labels. They are an integral part of building a healthy soil system that contributes to developing more resilient and tougher plants, often reducing the pressure of many pathogens.  

Fusarium Wheat.jpg

In Richmound, SK a farmer has been using Black Earth products for 5 years and has had pronounced success with the management of fusarium on their acres; all without fungicide. This farmer’s neighbor on the other side of the road had significant levels of fusarium in their cereal crops, even with multiple applications of fungicides. One of the principal differences was the consistent application of granular and liquid humic acids during different stages of crop development.

“After 5 years of using Black Earth Humic, I have noticed much less disease pressure on all my crops. The biomass on the surface has decreased along with disease pressure. Fusarium, smudge, and ergot have been controlled without using any fungicides on the seed or in crop. Greater yields and less disease at only a fraction of the cost compared to chemicals. I used 20 LBS / acre with urea fertilizer and got a 20% increase in yield on canola. No disease pressure and surface biomass with disease spores decreased substantially.” 

 -Richmound, SK Farmer

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