Innovation Is The 21ST Century Skills For Agribusiness

 Paul Atsu

 28 May 2017 | General News



Madam Lillian Uwintwali

Madam Lillian Uwintwali

Award winner of the Haward G.Buffett foundation ,the Tony Blair Africa governance Initiative (AGI) and the world food prize foundation Madam LILLIAN UWINTWALI ,the founder and chief exercutive of M.AHWIII Limited a Rwanda based software development firm with vision to develop innovative,market and add value to agricultural products.

Speaking to IncubationTv in Accra on her visite Madam Lillian Uwintwali added that African social enterprise,agripreneur must develop and promote solutions that seek to address challenges in the value chain through information communication technologies solution that increase and add somes more to make agriculture a lucrative business.

Her company Agro-FIBA, currently provide service to over 3,000 smallholder farmers through the internet and text message that boost in e-extension services,market and innovative financing in agribusiness

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