Blind Man Straps Camera To Guide Dog’s Back. When Wife Sees Video Later She’s Horrified

Amit decided to attach a GoPro camera to Kika’s harness to see if he was just imagining things or if people really were treating him as badly as he thought. Every day as they walked around London, Kika would be secretly recording the goings-on of the day.

When Amit got home he would upload the footage for his wife, Seema, to watch, and what she found left her furious and heartbroken.

The camera captured a woman on a train putting her bags on an empty seat so Amit couldn’t sit next to her.

It captured people sitting on the train watching Amit and Kika walk by without offering their seats.

It captured people hitting Kika with bags and umbrellas when they were on an escalator so she would move and they could get past.

It captured empty taxi cabs zooming past Amit as he tried to hail one down.

It caught train station employees ignoring Amit for several minutes as he tried to find someone to help him find the right train.

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