Filmmakers Capture Massive Glacier Calving

Kathleen Shipman

The filmmakers of “Chasing Ice” got the show of a lifetime, when they witnessed the largest glacier calving to ever be recorded. For 75 minutes, Adam LeWinter and Jeff Orlowski watched the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland crumble – which is an extraordinary sight to say the least. Get ready, because this video is sure to take your breath away.


It’s hard to imagine seeing a glacier break-up in person, especially one of such a massive size. On the Exposure Labs YouTube channel, they describe the glacier as retreating 1 mile across and 3 miles wide. The height of the ice was approximately 3,000 feet (300-400 ft above the water). The view is truly indescribable… What starts as a sea of beautiful white peaks suddenly roars and collapses into the ocean. The men call the event a mix between being “magical” and “horrible” at the same time.


In the video, they try to put the glacier calving into perspective, “The only way that you can really try to put it into scale with human reference is if you imagine Manhattan…and all of a sudden all of those buildings just start to rumble, and quake, and peel off, fall over, and roll around. This whole massive city just breaking apart in front of your eyes

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