Help stop the pension age from being raised to 70 – Australian Labor Party

In case you missed it…………just think- you lose your job age 48 -50. Your kids have just finished their second degree and are in early employment i.e. just starting their journey. You have some super and a a smallish mortgage and very little else. Remember you just put 2 – 3 children through about 20 years of school each. They lived at home because they had to………now you are looking for a job but you cannot find one…As time goes on it gets harder and harder….you will not be able to access super until 55 and then only 10% per year. Any cash or liquid assets quickly dry up……………..on top of this you cannot apply for super until you are in your late sixties -now 67 and mooted to become 70 yo. You are not going to make it without a magic wand!!! Our magic wand has waved many times but each time you expect your luck to run out. This is reality!!! Please don’t make it even harder………. Forget party politics this is a community problem that needs to be solved by all of us!

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