The Elders are rebelling | Surviving C21

MAY 22, 2017


There is a palpable wrath, out there in Elderland. The Elders, it seems, are no longer happy to look on as a bunch of corporates and their political stooges pillage the planet and lay waste to our grandkids’ future. With growing resolve, resources and organisation, they are fighting back.

This isn’t the ‘grey power’ that is commonly talked about before. For one thing, the focus isn’t on themselves, their pensions and comforts – it’s on their children and grandchildren and the damaged condition of the world and their own health that we are leaving them.

This isn’t the revolt of the disempowered, the inarticulate or rust-belt unemployed that may – or may not – have been a factor in the rise of Trump and the Brexit campaign. It’s bigger, and much more potent, than that – but just as disillusioned and angry with political inertia and the mess that corruption and laissez-faire economics are making of the future

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