Made in Brisbane: Reverse Garbage – Drive – ABC Radio

.Our waste is growing at double the rate of our population with 52 mega tonnes generated a year. Australia is ranked 5th highest for generating the most municipal waste in the world. In a three-part TV series beginning on ABC TV tomorrow night at 8.30, Craig Reucassel is on a mission to see if we, as a nation, can all do a little bit better. Reverse Garbage is one of those organisations that’s been trying to make an impact on the amount of stuff we waste each year, and they’ve been at it in Brisbane for 17 years. Is the message getting through? If it is, there’ll be no more garbage to be reversed. So how is business going at Reverse Garbage? Here’s Peter Gooch with Communications and Marketing Co-ordinator, Kade Hammer-Laynan and Reverse Garbage Director, Bill Ennals.

Duration: 7min 46sec

Broadcast: Mon 15 May 2017, 3:00pm

Published: Tue 16 May 2017, 10:44am

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