Founder’s Note for Earth Day | We’re returning to farming that regenerates the earth.

Founder’s Note for Earth Day | We’re returning to farming that regenerates the earth.

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We practice a method called holistic management. The majority of our pastures are rested at any one time. When we rest our pasture it means no animals are on them so the soil has a chance to breathe and create a healthy microbial environment. This helps put carbon back in the earth and grows deeper root systems where water can soak into the ground. That resting allows perennial grasses to grow tall. If you don’t rest these pastures or if they’re overgrazed – especially by animals kept in barns – that soil will become like a hard-packed, barren moonscape. If you want to learn more about the science behind these practices, please check out our friends at: The Savory Institute and Kiss the Ground.
The massive rainfall that we’ve experienced this winter washed over the industrial farmed crop fields and couldn’t soak into the ground because the soil was like concrete. I got to the ranch and when I went into our pastures, the rainfall there was all absorbed and I could practically bounce on the ground it was so spongy. Sponge or concrete. What do you think is healthier?

We have an incredible opportunity here to actually improve the environment with business as usual. The more land we raise our birds on, the more we’re able to create healthier, nutrient-dense soil and build deeper root systems. The more that happens the more rainfall we soak up, the taller the grasses grow, and the more carbon we’re sequestering.

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