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Jupiter's south pole


If there’s one thing that shouldn’t surprise astronomers, it’s being surprised. The trend is pretty clear: Every single time we look at the Universe in a new way —bigger telescopes, different wavelengths (colors) of light, space probes equipped with better detectors— we find stuff that is massively unexpected. Being surprised is in no way surprising


Artist Louise Bourgeois on How Solitude Enriches Creative Work – Brain Pickings

Artist Louise Bourgeois on How Solitude Enriches Creative Work

“You are born alone. You die alone. The value of the space in between is trust and love.”

“Nourish yourself with grand and austere ideas of beauty that feed the soul… Seek solitude,” young Delacroix counseled himself in 1824. Keats saw solitude as a sublime conduit to truth and beauty. Elizabeth Bishop believed that everyone should experience at least one prolonged period of solitude in life. Even if we don’t take so extreme a view as artist Agnes Martin’s assertion that “the best things in life happen to you when you’re alone,” one thing is certain: Our capacity for what psychoanalyst Adam Phillips has termed “fertile solitude” is absolutely essential not only for our creativity but for the basic fabric of our happiness — without time and space unburdened from external input and social strain, we’d be unable to fully inhabit our interior life, which is the raw material of all art


Innovation Is The 21ST Century Skills For Agribusiness

 Paul Atsu

 28 May 2017 | General News



Madam Lillian Uwintwali

Madam Lillian Uwintwali

Award winner of the Haward G.Buffett foundation ,the Tony Blair Africa governance Initiative (AGI) and the world food prize foundation Madam LILLIAN UWINTWALI ,the founder and chief exercutive of M.AHWIII Limited a Rwanda based software development firm with vision to develop innovative,market and add value to agricultural products.

Speaking to IncubationTv in Accra on her visite Madam Lillian Uwintwali added that African social enterprise,agripreneur must develop and promote solutions that seek to address challenges in the value chain through information communication technologies solution that increase and add somes more to make agriculture a lucrative business.

Her company Agro-FIBA, currently provide service to over 3,000 smallholder farmers through the internet and text message that boost in e-extension services,market and innovative financing in agribusiness


Unlocking the meaning of Stonehenge and other ancient memory storehouses – Conversations – ABC Radio

Lynne Kelly - Conversations


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Unlocking the meaning of Stonehenge and other ancient memory storehouses

Lynne Kelly is a science writer, who was researching the methods used by ancient cultures to retain vast amounts of information about animals and plants.

She was looking into the way knowledge was recorded through stories, song and dance.

On a journey to Stonehenge in England, Lynne was struck by the thought that the makers of that monumental stone circle were doing the same thing.

Lynne’s research suggests the stone circles of England, the huge animal shapes in Peru, and the statues of Easter Island, were not so much objects of superstition, but tools allowing people to create a huge storehouses of knowledge.

An academic with diverse interests including spiders, history, and scepticism, Lynne applies the memory ‘code’ to manage her own stores of facts and information