Reducing carbon: a bacterial approach

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April 20, 2015 | By:  Daniel Kramer

Happy Earth week to everyone! In honor of such an occasion, I would like to present some work by researchers trying to clean up our atmosphere.

There is a host of literature that says the abundance of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is caused by humans, and it is responsible for climate change. It is up to us then to offset our addition of gases into the atmosphere. Researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have recently presented a progressive technology that converts carbon dioxide into biofuels. To do this, they are taking some hints from nature and using photosynthesis.

Plants make photosynthesis look easy. Normally it is very difficult to mimic photosynthesis because it takes far more energy for us to reduce carbon dioxide than it does for a plant. A plant uses its energy efficiently to turn carbon dioxide into many complex molecules by using a lot of intermediates. It is far harder for us to create and store these intermediates than the organisms that do it naturally.

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